Daphne F.a.q.

Who is Daphne?

Who is Daphne?
We were inspired to call our inn "Daphne" by the spectacular sculpture of Apollo and Daphne, by the renowned Baroque artist Gianlorenzo Bernini. This beautiful masterpiece, along with many others, may be seen at the Galleria Borghese, one of our must-sees in Rome, which is a short walk away from our location.

Arriving at Daphne

How far are you from the airport?
There are two airports in Rome, Ciampino (for charter and many local European flights, including RyanAir and EasyJet), and Fiumicino (the main international airport, also called Leonardo da Vinci.) Each airport is about 25 km outside of the center of Rome, and getting to us from either airport should take anywhere from 40-60 minutes.
How far are you from the train station and the Metro?
We are two metro (underground) stops from the Termini station, which will take about 10 minutes door to door. If you walk from termini, calculate 20-30 minutes, depending on how much luggage you have (not recommended.). We are about one minute walk from the Metro station (Piazza Barberini.)
Do you have airport pickup/dropoff?
We can provide a private car service for pickup and drop off. Rates vary depending on the number of people and amount of luggage. For 1-3 people with up to 3 pieces of luggage, the rate is 50 Euros to go to either airport, and 55 Euros for airport pickup, with dropoff at either of our locations. For 4-5 people, and up to 10 pieces of luggage, we will arrange a minivan. The rate for this is 80. For 6-8 people, and up to 16 pieces of luggage, we will organize a van, for 100 Euros. (Add 5 Euros for pickups/dropoffs prior to 6am or after 8pm.)
How do we get to/from Civitavecchia (for cruises)?
There are two options we can suggest: We can arrange for a driver take you/pick you up. The rate starts at 140 Euros for up to 3 people. Or, you may take the train into/from Termini station in Rome. The trains leave about every half hour and cost about 4-10 Euros per person. Here is the web site with the schedules: Ferrovie Dello Stato.
What is the best location to drop off a rental car?
We highly recommend that you consider taking the trains in Italy whenever possible. However, if you do plan to drive to Rome and drop off or pick up a rental car, most of the major agencies have dropoff locations near us, just off the via Veneto. It is not necessary to pick up/drop off your car at the airport or train station, both of which are less convenient, and will cause you to spend more time and money than is necessary. Please ask us for the nearest dropoff/pick-up location for the agency you will be using. If you are driving into Rome, you may not bring a car into the historic center, where we are, during the week between 6am and 8pm, or on Saturdays between 2-6pm. You will need to drop off or park your car first, then take a taxi or walk to us if you will be arriving during restricted access hours.
Is there parking near you?
There are several parking garages near us. Rates vary depending on the size of the car, but generally plan for around 30 Euros per day. The garages are covered and guarded. You may risk parking in the street, however, you are likely to be fined.
May I arrive early and drop off my bags?
Yes, you are more than welcome to arrive as early (or as late) as you need. If the room isn't ready, you may leave your bags and go for a stroll. In any case, we will spend a bit of time with you going over the map. Likewise, if you need to leave your bags with us on your departure day, due to a late departure, you are welcome to do so.
Since you have two locations, where should I check in?
Please check in at the location where you will be staying. We do not have a 24-hour reception at either location, so it is important that you let us know what time you are arriving in Rome and how you will be arriving. Normally we are on site at both locations until 9pm. Therefore, it is especially important that we have your arrival information if you will be arriving after 9pm, so that we may plan for this. For late flight arrivals, such as for flights arriving 9pm, we strongly request that you let us book a taxi for you.
May I arrange for an early arrival (and have the room ready), since my flight gets in so early, and I will want to rest?
Our check-out time is 10:30 AM, after which rooms must be cleaned and made up. Rooms are ready by 2:00 PM, and with early arrivals we do our best to have them ready as soon as possible after they have been vacated. However, as we are nearly always fully booked, we would not be able to guarantee an early check-in unless you wished to book the room for the night prior to arrival. You are, of course, welcome to arrive at any time after 7:30 am and leave your bags with us. We will check you in and give you a briefing and a map so you may go out and have a stroll until the room is ready.


Do any of your rooms have a view or balcony?
At Daphne there is one small room that has a balcony overlooking an inner courtyard of a private condo building.
Are the rooms quiet?
Yes! At Daphne, all of the rooms that face the street have triple-paned glass, and the rest have double-paned glass. In addition, where appropriate/necessary, we have installed heavy-duty soundproofing materials.
Can I request a specific room?
We will keep in mind any special requests, but cannot guarantee a specific room or floor.
Do you have any non-smoking rooms?
Our facilities are 100% no-smoking.
How big are the beds?
Our single (twin) beds are 82 cm (32") wide by 190 cm (75") long. An American twin is 39" wide x 75" long. A UK twin is 36” wide by 75” long. Our queen beds are 164 cm (65") wide by 190 cm (75") long. Our king beds are 180 cm (71") wide by 200 cm (79") long. An American queen is 60" wide x 80" long. A UK king is 60” by 78” long. An American or UK double bed is 54” wide x 75” long. In our single room, we have a bed specially designed, called a Franchesina. This bed is larger than a twin, but smaller than a double. Two can sleep here, but it’s ideal for one person. The Franchesina bed is 120 cm (46”) wide by 190 cm (75”) long.
May we have two single beds in the room?
Yes, please specify if you prefer a queen-sized bed, or two twin beds. In the case of a triple room, we can provide either one queen-sized bed and one twin bed, or three twin beds.
How big are the rooms?
Our inns are made out of converted apartments. Therefore the room sizes depend on the apartment layout. Please see our room plans for sample room layouts.
What is the best way to accommodate a family of 5-7 people?
The best option is to take the entire second floor of Daphne. There are two bedrooms that share one bathroom (down the corridor), and one double room with en-suite bathroom. There is a living room area with lending library and computer, between all the rooms, making this an ideal accommodation for a group of 5-7 people. Please note we have special rates for renting the entire floor. Please inquire for details.
What special amenities does the junior suite offer?
The suite is a more luxurious option, as you will have a separate living room, computer in your room, with your own personal wifi modem (as opposed to only in the common areas), breakfast served in your room at any time of day (as opposed to up to 10:00 in the breakfast room, the option available for our standard rooms), bathrobes and fresh fruit in your suite daily. Please note that both suites are on the first floor (one flight of stairs up from the ground floor) and therefore do not have any city views. The floor plans for the suites are available on the Trevi page of this web site.
Is there a curfew?
No, you are free to come and go as you please. You have all the keys necessary to be independent.
What are you doing to help the environment and conserve energy?
Hotels can do a lot to cut down on waste of resources. We are always trying to come up with new ideas for this. Here are some of the things we have been doing so far:
We use low-consumption bulbs where possible.*At our Reception desk and for any back-office work, we always recycle paper.
As a hotel we cannot always do this, but we try to suggest to our guests that they help conserve water by reusing/hanging up towels.
We use energy saving "pocket keys" in the rooms: to turn on lights, the key card must be in the pocket. This means when the guest leaves, even if they leave on the lights or other appliances, they will turn off after a few minutes (with some exceptions such as refrigerators.) The few rooms that do not yet have this feature will have it in the near future.
As in most European countries, we use toilets with two flush buttons: one for normal water use and another for lower water use.


Do the rates include taxes/fees?
Our rates are inclusive of taxes, service, breakfast, air-conditioning, and internet use. The only additional fees you might incur would be for phone use, laundry services, or any additional optional services.
Do you take credit cards?
Yes, we accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express for final payment. However, to make a booking, we can only accept Visa or Mastercard to hold the room.
Do you offer any discounts?
We offer a 10% cash discount for DIRECT BOOKINGS (made with us, and not via an agent or booking site.)
Do you offer any special packages?
We can offer a special honeymoon/anniversary/birthday package, available for 65 Euros, which includes a bottle of prosecco or wine (your preference), a bouquet of flowers, and a box of chocolates, all of which will be waiting in the room upon check-in. If you prefer a dozen red roses to a bouquet, the total package rate is 90 Euros. Champagne is also available at an additional cost. Please request when booking. If there is any other type of trip you would like us to help you put together for your Rome stay, such as a special shopping trip, spa vacation or food-based holiday, please let us know and we will be glad to put something special together for you!


What does each room offer?
Hair dryer
Iron/ironing board
Small refrigerator (not minibar)
Coffee/tea-making facilities
Ethernet jack
Alarm clock
Personal safe
Cell phone
Welcome kit with shampoo, soap and lotion
Do you have television?
What kind of internet service do you provide?
Each floor at both locations has a computer for guest use in the common area. You are also welcome to use your own computer. Every room has an Ethernet plug inside the room. We have wireless (wi-fi) internet access on every floor. Please be advised that we cannot provide technical support.
Do you provide towels?
Yes, however, please note that in most hotels in Italy, including ours, you will not find washcloths. If this is something that is important to you, we advise bringing one of your own.
Do you have alarm clocks?
Every room has an alarm clock.


Do you have rooms with tubs?
Do you have rooms with tubs?
Do you have any Jacuzzis?
How big is the bathroom?
Bathrooms sizes may vary, but all bathrooms have a minimum of full shower stall, toilet and sink. Some bathrooms have tubs and some have bidets.
For the rooms with shared bathroom, how many rooms/people share the bathroom?
There are two rooms that share one bathroom, which is in the corridor. There could be up to 5 people total in both rooms, but there are usually two people per room.


Do you have room safes?
Each room has an individual combination safe.
Do you have a safe at the reception?
Yes, we can store items for you at reception. Please consider leaving valuable items with us if you are checking out but not leaving Rome until later in the day. Rome is a safe city, but pick-pocketing does occur.
Can I store my bags with you for the day or longer?
Yes, we are happy to store your bags for the day if you are leaving later than the check-out time. If you wish to store your bags for a longer period, we will keep them locked in our office.
How safe is the neighborhood, especially at night?
Our locations are in very safe neighborhoods, and you may feel comfortable walking around at night, even alone.
What kind of keys do you use?
We use electronic card keys, as you would find in most modern hotels today. We do not store personal data on the keys. They expire once you check out.


How can someone reach me while I am staying at Daphne?
We will provide you with a cell phone for use while staying with us. As you will probably be out seeing the sights most of the time, it?s best to give friends, families and co-workers your cell phone number. If you would like this information in advance of your arrival, please just ask and we will give you the phone number of the room you will be in. If we receive phone calls for you at the reception, and you are not in the facility, we will give them the cell number that we have given you. If you choose not to use the cell phone we provide, then we can leave a message for you. Please note that with European cell phones, the person receiving the call pays nothing, but the caller will pay extra to call a cell phone. US-based callers should check with their phone service provider to find out the rates to call cell phones in Europe.
How can I make phone calls?
We will provide you with a cell phone that you can use to make calls. Rates may vary. We do not have phones in the rooms. You may also use local pay phones to make calls.
Can I use a calling card to make phone calls?
If you wish to purchase a local calling card, you may do so at any tobacco shop or newspaper kiosk. Cards start at 3?. To use these cards, you will need to go to a payphone. You may also purchase a calling card to make international calls. You may have to use a local calling card to use this card at a payphone (see above). These cards may or may not work on our cell phones. This depends on the type of calling card. AT&T and MCI 800 numbers in Italy will work with our cell phones, in which case, you will not pay anything for the cell phone call, but will only pay your long-distance rates that you have agreed to with your phone company.
I want to bring my cell phone to Rome. Will I be able to use it?
This depends on several things: 1) is your phone capable of functioning in Europe (if you are from the US you will need a tri-band phone.) 2) Does your cellular provider allow you to make/receive calls in Europe/Italy? If your phone is European or tri-band phone, we suggest that you consider purchasing a local phone number for pay-as-you-go service once in Italy (for much more affordable rates and no roaming charges), or, you may use the chip from the phone we will provide you. This will mean that you will need to give your contacts your new Italian number. If you use your own number, check with your service provider for rates and roaming fees. Also make sure that your phone and your sim card have been enabled to function in Italy.
Are there direct dial telephones in the rooms?
No. We provide you with a cell phone to use during your stay. You may make and receive calls, locally and long-distance, with this phone. You only pay for calls you make.


Are children welcome?
We welcome well-behaved children of all ages.
Can our child sleep in the bed with us?
We recommend against this for everyone's safety. We are happy to provide a crib free of charge for children 2 and under. Otherwise, the child will need his or her own bed.
Do you have cots or cribs?
We have one crib at each location, available at no additional charge. This is for children 2 years old or younger.
Do you have a high-chair?
Yes, we have a high-chair at each location.
What is the additional charge per room if we have a child or children with us?
Children 2 years old or younger, who do not require their own bed, are not charged anything extra. Children over the age of 2 are considered adults in terms of rates, i.e. two parents with one 4-year old will be given a triple room.


What do you serve for breakfast?
We offer fresh croissants and bread from a local bakery, and a variety of other pastries, along with butter, jams, honey and Nutella. We also serve yoghurt, fresh fruit, cheeses and local cold cuts, cold cereals, orange juice, a variety of teas, filtered coffee, hot chocolate and espresso drinks, including cappuccino and caffe latte.
What time is breakfast served?
We serve breakfast from 7:30-10am.
Can I make special requests for breakfast due to dietary restrictions?
Please let us know when you make your reservation if you have any dietary restrictions, and we will do our best to accommodate you.
What if I am leaving too early to be able to have breakfast?
If you would like breakfast 10-15 minutes early, we are happy oblige, just let us know. Otherwise, we will prepare a to-go breakfast for you.

Air conditioning

Do you have air-conditioning?
Yes, we provide air-conditioning in the rooms and in the common areas.
Does the room have a temperature control for the air conditioning?
Yes, you have a remote in your room to control the temperature, air-flow and fan speed.
Is the air-conditioning available 24 hours?
As you have the remote control, you may set the air-conditioning to run whenever you like.
Is there an extra charge for air conditioning?


Do you have plug converters?
We can provide a plug converter, but do not have currency/voltage converters. You can purchase these before coming to Italy, or you can purchase them here at the local hardware store.
What plugs or converters do I need for my camera / computer / cell phone to work?
Today, almost every model of digital camera, laptop computer and cell phone is dual voltage, which means that it will switch automatically to 220/240 voltage when you plug it in here in Europe. In this case, you only need a plug converter. We do have a few on hand, but you may wish to have your own. You can purchase a simple converter for Italy, or you may wish to purchase a travel set that has many plug shapes for different countries around the world. You can easily find these here, but should also be able to find them at a hardware store (or Radio Shack) at home.
Can I use my curling iron there?
In general curling irons are not dual voltage, unless sold as travel appliances. If you bring a curling iron with only 110/115 voltage, you will need a converter to get the voltage to 220/240 so that it will not burn out. We would suggest you either not bring this item, or, purchase a small travel one if you travel often, or even consider purchasing one here.